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SID and SOD know where it’s at.

SOD Chose Roger Howarth as Performer of the Week

“Howarth expressed Manning’s devilish charm with a sly grin and tender glances as he & Blair rehashed their past. Throughout these scenes, Howarth tempered Todd’s acerbic wit with a surprising sweetness that offered a glimpse into his flawed alter’s heart — and made us love them both even more. When Todd came to after Blair removed the bullet from his shoulder, his cold & distant demeanor gave way to fever vulnerability and paranoia… Roger Howarth displayed his alter’s delightfully delirious side as he playfully bickered and reminisced with his ex (and impromptu nurse) in scenes that were funny, sentimental & oozing with sexual tension. The endearing, flirtatious moment, fraught with decades of pain & joy, exposed Todd’s lingering feelings for her. Howarth softened his alter’s gaze and the sexual tension was palpable.”

SID: Standout Scenes - Blair Saves Todd’s Life!

At first, Blair assumed Todd - who she’d found at Vikki’s cabin to be dead. Realizing he was alive but in desperate need of help, she wanted to call an ambulance, but Todd , knowing he was in trouble with the law, asked that she be the one to help him. Trying to examine the gruesome bullet wound, Blair realized that the situation was well beyond her abilities, and - in a nice nod to the fact that gone doesn’t mean forgotten - called Dorian for advice. Todd joked that he wanted a real doctor and asked if she was going to remove the bullet with one of his sister’s melon ballers, but the humor was a not so successful attempt at masking his fears.

On Todd’s behalf, Roger Howarth contorted his face into painful grimaces that were difficult to look at, and Kassie DePaiva spoke Blair’s reassuring dialogue even if her eyes betrayed the genuine fear that, having only just gotten Todd back, she might now lose him all over again . Finally, with blood everywhere, Blair thanked Dorian for her help and swore her to secrecy, Todd seemed pleasantly surprised to still be alive, and when Blair started to get up, he begged her not to go. The humor was gone, and the only thing left in his eyes was the naked fear of being left alone ” are you scared?” she asked, her own mask dropping away and revealing just how much she still cared for him despite everything they have been through. “No, I’m not scared” he whispered weakly. “I just don’t want you to leave” Tears fell from her eyes. “Okay, I’ll stay” she promised. “I’ll stay right here… long as you need me”.

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